Tests in farms

Polmass Milk Power – test in farm

Recent years’ research results provide increasingly ‘harder’ evidence that the effects of calf rearing have a very large impact on the economy of milk production. Healthy and well-growing calves are producing more milk when they become a cow, which translates into higher profit of farms.

The quality of the milk replacer given to them is indisputably very important for the calf rearing effects. The best CMR that calves, the youngest ones in particular, can be offered contains only milk proteins. Their high digestibility in the calf’s gastrointestinal tract guarantees the effective use of fodder, satisfactory body mass growths and low susceptibility to diseases. The digestibility of nutrients is particularly important when the calves are intensively fed with liquid feed, in order to optimally use their growth potential and use value. Any imperfection of milk replacer, which will be fed to calves in an intensive feeding system, easily leads to more diarrhea, and as a consequence – worse rearing effects. Continue reading “Tests in farms”

NEW Sales and Nutrition Director at Polmass S.A.

We are very pleased to inform you that on 1 April 2018, by way of internal promotion, the position of Sales and Nutrition Director at Polmass S.A. took over Marcin Stasiak, former regional manager, nutritional adviser, cattle nutrition consultant.

The workload, ambition, pursuit of the goal and enthusiasm with which Mr. Marcin Stasiak fulfilled his previous responsibilities had to influence the decision of the Board on promotion. This promotion is a recognition and distinction for conscientious performance of duties. We are convinced that Mr. Marcin Stasiak will approach the new role with the same enthusiasm and commitment he showed during his previous work in our company.

We wish you professional satisfaction and many successes at your new workplace. Please accept our warm congratulations!