About us

POLMASS SA is a joint-stock company established in 1986, with a 100% Polish capital. The company developed during revolutionary changes in Polish cattle breeding and milk production. Since the very beginning of its business activity, POLMASS S.A. has taken active participation in the development of cattle raising, proposing innovative dietary solutions and implementing them through cooperation with the leading cattle farms, dairy co-ops and research centres throughout the country.

Our mission is to maintain innovative and effective input in the development of Polish cattle breeding and harmoniously combine animal welfare and environmental ecology with economic accomplishments in the area of milk production.




When at the beginning of the nineties no milk replacers for calves were used for economic reasons, our company introduced revolutionary vegetable preparation stimulating development of forestomachs. The acknowledgment received from the farmers on account of the preparation allowed the company to develop.

Today, POLMASS MILK, MLEKOWIT, VITALAC, PRIMOLAC and EKOLAC are all well known to almost every farmer, and every second calf in Poland is fed with our milk replacers. This fact puts us in the position of an indisputable market leader. Our milk replacers are produced at the most high-tech manufacturing plant in the country. The modern calf rearing line encompasses, among other products, starter PRIMOPASZA, Stopper Drink, probiotic pastes, immunoglobulins and dry colostrum.

Polmass S.A. is also the largest exporter of milk replacers in the country and established enviable reputation among calf breeders in numerous European countries.



The already extensive range of our mineral-vitamin additives is continuously and dynamically expanded owing to the close cooperation of our team of advisers with the best animal breeding centres in Poland.

Product compositions are systematically optimized to fulfil the increasing demands of production and farming. Furthermore, the formulas we use are adjusted to individual requirements and production specifications applicable to specific groups of animals, which is a guarantee that all our VITAMIX products for cattle are truly “tailor-made”.

The acquired know-how is currently used to produce the top quality VITAMIX for cattle, on the modern production line in Bydgoszcz launched in 2005, and modernised in 2010.

Our VITAMIX range of products is extensive, satisfying the various breeding and production needs and delivering carefully developed formula and composition consistent with the label, owing to faultless proportioning of components.


POLMASS is the most experienced company in Poland in terms of forage ensiling technology. Since 1986 we have organised a large numbers of shows, seminars and exhibitions, supported by press articles and TV commercials. We have also carried out many research and development projects in co-operation with the leading research centres.

As a result, we ceased the production of chemical preservatives based on organic acids in favour of modern microbiological and biological additives.

Today, POLMASS is an unquestionable leader on the domestic silage inoculant market. Thousands of cattle farmers co-operate with us and annually over a million tons of silage, made from grass, alfalfa, maize and other forages, are treated by POLMASIL.


The range of contemporary and effective nutritional preparations for cattle also includes: granulated and liquid energy concentrates, probiotic pastes, Turbo Drink and other products.

For pig farmers we recommend the following, among other products: Vitamix (mineral and vitamin additives), probiotics (also with vitamins and iron), Polmalac milk replacer and Pollac preparation used in the production of prestarter.


All our employees are dedicated to developing and maintaining ethical business. We manage reliable and fair cooperation on daily basis and follow partnership principles in all endeavours with our business partners, building up trust and reputation for our products, providing professional and reliable consultancy services and consistently treating all competition with due respect. For us, business ethics is also about creating model working conditions and welfare for our employees.

Our company is active both within the local and national social activities. We are also sensitive to the needs of others, particularly children faced with adversities and our approach is revealed through ten years of cooperation with Fundacja Dzieciom “Zdążyć z pomocą” charitable foundation.


We have been awarded  the “Fair Play Company” certificate nine times in recognition of our high ethical standards in all our business practices, including our relationships with partners and clients. We were also honored with the President of Poland’s Award for being a “Fair Play Company” in business.