About us

From Bydgoszcz worldwide

Polmass SA is a joint-stock company established in 1986 with solely Polish capital. We are based in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

The company developed during revolutionary changes in Polish cattle breeding and milk production.

Since the very beginning of our business activity, Polmass SA has taken active participation in the development of calf rearing proposing innovative dietary solutions and implementing them through cooperation with leading cattle farms, dairy co-ops and research centers throughout the country.

Our mission is to maintain innovative and effective input in the development of cattle breeding and harmoniously combine animal welfare and environmental ecology with economic accomplishments in the area of milk production.

We operate on domestic and foreign markets and have experience in organizing shipments to a number of countries worldwide.

We are dedicated to ethical business and fair cooperation with our partners based on trust and reputation for our products.

We remain close to our customers by providing continuous professional consultancy services.

Polmass products and constant innovation puts us among the most cutting-edge feed manufacturers in Europe. Our fully automated GMP+ and ISO 22000/2006 certified production lines guarantee full traceability from raw material to a finished product.

We would like to cordially invite you to cooperate with us!

Our products:

  • Calf milk replacers ( also lamb milk replacers)
  • Mineral and vitamin blends for cattle
  • Performance enhancers: Turbo Drink (an energy drink for cows after calving) , Stopper Drink (dietary supplement for calves inhibiting diarrhea , can be used also in kids & lambs), Ketomix liquid, Probiotic and colostrum pastes
  • Inoculants for silage

Polmass particularly specializes in calf milk replacers which come in 4 categories:

  • To be used right after colostrum (3th -6th day of calves’ life)
  • To be used after colostrum (5th-6th day of calves’ life)
  • To be used after 7th-14th day of calves’ life)
  • To be used after 14th-21st day of calves’ life)

We can produce CMRs according to a specific recipes by our clients