All-Natural Colostrum – dried colostrum for calves

Suszona siara

All-Natural Colostrum – dried colostrum for calves.


Crude protein 45,0 %
Crude fat 25,0 %
Laktose 15,0 %
Immunoglobulins IgG 38,0%


• Extracted from dairy cow’s colostrum during the first two milkings after calving (only from herds free from IBR)
• A very valuable colostrum concentrate that contains 38% IgG in the protein
• Given as soon as possible after birth accounts for the extra immune resistance and protects well against calf diarrhea.
• Supports the immune system of young calves,
• Strengthens the health and vitality of calves,
• Improves weight gains,
• 100% all- natural product.
1. As a colostrum supplement: Mix 100 g of the dried colostrum powder with two liters of mother’s colostrum.
2. As a colostrum replacer: Mix 400 g of the dried colostrum powder with two liters of warm water (temperature max.50°C). It is suggested to
administer two times a day within two consecutive days, the solution should have the temperature of 37-40°C.