For calves

Red Line of Calves Milk Replacers

Innovative, high quality milk replacers featuring Polmass Milk Red Full with IMUPRO®, Polmass Milk Red Power with IMUPRO®, Polmass Milk Red Classic with IMUPRO® designed for demanding breeders and farmers, promote health and growth, better lifetime productivity, and achievement of calves’ genetic potential in sight of the future heifer. Guarantee of health, growth performance and consisted development of calves.

Red line of the calf milk replacers is designated to achieve the highest rearing outcomes of the future dairy cow. Red line of CMR are product that contain only milk derived raw ingredients. The crude fiber level of these milk replacers is 0.0% as there are practically no plant derived ingredients added.
The most significant part of a good calf rearing program is to grow healthy, frisky calves at the lowest possible cost.

• designated for the after-colostrum period (3rd- 6th day of calf’s life)
• contain the highest quality of milk derived protein and skimmed milk powder
• provide a unique blend of immunoglobulins and probiotics as well as other anti-diarrhea supporting agents – IMUPRO®
• optimal share of skimmed milk powder
• can be used in the automatic feeding machines.
• optimal development of the udders
• guarantee of high muscle weight gains
• healthy, frisky calves.



 Orange Line of Calves Milk Replacers

Excellent milk formula for starting and raising heifers. It’s a high energy, soluble and digestible
formula provides maximum performance under all conditions for cost effective rearing.
Young calves diets begin with milk replacer and should provide proper ingredients in order to replace cow`s milk
from the 5th or 6th day of a calf’s age. Polmass Milk Orange is enriched with a unique solution IMUPRO®, which
improves calf’s immunity and prevents diarrhea. IMUPRO® features synergic action of several elements such as:
immunoglobulines, lactic bacteria and other precisely chosen ingredients. Milk replacers include: Polmass Milk
Simply the best choice to help achieve your calves’ full potential, helps set your calves up for optimal health and
growth and efficient lifetime productivity designed for economic rearing.
• Based on the highest quality of the milk raw materials, including lactose, coconut and palm oils and well as
valuable blend of vitamins and minerals.
• Featuring only the best quality milk proteins
• Includes fully homogenized and emulsified combination of palm and coconut oil
• Contains IMUPRO – a blend of natural antibodies (incl. immunoglobulins), desirable probiotics along with
anti-diarrheal protectors and gut health promoting agents to aid digestion and healthy growth
• Promotes optimum growth rate 650-700 g/day
• Approximately 80% of dairy raw materials, provides protein and energy relationship, as well as a complete set
of minerals and vitamins.



Blue Line of Calf Milk Replacers
Proven milk replacers for economic rearing, successfully used for many years at the majority of breeding farms. The Blue Line
is meant for traditional rearing of calves, starting from the 7th and 14th day of their life. All nutritional ingredients are carefully
selected such as: the protein, fat, vitamins, as well as micro- and macro-element levels correlated to developmental needs of a
young animal. The Blue Line combines cost effective rearing, healthy start and good growth.

The Blue Line of calf milk replaces features – Polmass Milk Extra Blue and Polmass Milk Blue.


The Brown Line of Calf Milk Replacers
Budget milk replacer for strong calves, which contains more vegetable derived raw ingredients in its composition along with high
level of crude protein (21%). It promotes early rumen and papillae development. Calves fed with The Brown Line Milk Replacers
reach steady performance and possible digestive problems are reduced to a minimum.
It is designed for older calves, after the 2nd and 3rd week of their age. It can be used earlier when mixed half and half with cow’s milk. Provides
Economic rearing and good start. These milk replacers contain an optimal level of fiber which stimulates steady development of fore-stomachs.
Designated for bucket feeding.

• optimal development of fore-stomachs
• calves start eating fodder earlier and more eagerly
• tasty, eagerly drunk by the calves – few times cheaper than whole milk and white milk replacers (Red Line, Orange Line and Blue Line)
• contain natural anti-diarrheal protectors: linseed and yeast
• account for rearing strong and healthy calves.

 The Brown Line Milk Replacers features Polmass Milk Brown with Linseed and Polmass Milk Brown with Fiber.

Products supplementig colostrum
Our cows are fed more and more intense and this approach stimulates the level of milk yield. One of the effects of targeted feeding
of dairy cows is the increase in the quality of colostrum. Increasingly the physiological quantity and quality of the colostrum does
not meet the calf’s needs.