POLMASS SA developed the first milk replacer over a thirty years ago. Since then we have been consistent and persistent to introduce many first in milk replacers for calves, piglets as well as develop products in other areas such as silage additives, vitamins for cattle and cattle feed.

We have also developed processes to make our products more accurate and more effective for demanding breeders. For example, our patented Immunoglobulin Additive Immupro® Formulation System makes milk replacers healthier – as well combining protein, fat and carbohydrate for maximum performance. Our industry leading technologies are incorporated into every Pedigree Breeding Establishment’s Program.

POLMASS SA milk replacers as well as Vitamin and mineral blends, Inoculants (silage additives) and other fodder and under constant quality control performed in accordance with ISO and HACCP 22000:2006 as well as quality and performance assured during testing in cooperation with all the Pedigree Breeding Establishments and Breeding Establishments in Poland.

POLMASS SA provides innovative calf nutrition program which helps calves reach their full genetic potential like no other product on the market of calf milk replacers.

Before our new products reach your farm, they’re thoroughly tested and proven at the Breeding and Pedigree Breeding Establishments. This results in continuous cooperation with the animal husbandry technicians, breeders and farmers allowing us to manufacture products at the optimal nutritional performance level maintaining the young animal’s health and well-being on the best possible path. 

Every advice we take, every product we make – the performance speaks for itself – that is why : Every second calf in Poland is fed with Polmass Milk Replacers, whilst Every Pedigree Breeding Establishment in Poland relies on and uses Polmass Milk Replacers.

Our mission is to maintain and pursue innovative and effective input in the development of Polish cattle breeding system. We strive to provide continuous monitoring of animals’ welfare along with environmental protection aspects in sight of future accomplishments in the area of milk production.

Polmass SA milk replacer technologies help calves grow to their full potential of the future heifer. Since 1986, when we developed our first calf milk replacer, our technologies have made a big difference in calves’ growth and performance rates as well as changed the way farmers and animal husbandry technicians are rearing calves. We’re proud of our heritage of solid and continuous research and development of leading milk replacer technologies on the market.

The experience of our advisors, the advice and feedback we receive from the animal husbandry technicians all lead to half a century of gained results collected from the Breeding and Pedigree Breeding Establishments that we source from when manufacturing our products. It’s the best kept secret to know from the proven examinations and to manufacture to meet the existing needs of ever changing industry as well as ever improving young  animals, heifers, and cows.

                Introduced in 2003, ImmuPro® Formulation System is a combination of immunoglobulin together with all-milk proteins, fat and complex carbohydrates. Many of the independent research studies demonstrated that combination of complex carbohydrates and immunoglobulin creates a proper and healthy environment in a calf’s gastro-intestinal tract that promotes gut health.