IMUPRO® – immunoglobuliny + probiotyk (2)


IMUPRO® – immunoglobulin + probiotic

COMPOSITION: This is a unique combination of probiotic and immunoglobulin that comes in the form of powder. The antibodies selected for this product represent all major antibodies present in the most common diseases when rearing calves. IMUPRO®’s role is to combat viruses such as rota virus, corona virus, E. coli, and to prevent digestive tract disorders in young animals. APPLICATION: This product is designated for calves up to the 4th week of life, so up to the time when their immune system is strong enough. This product can be used with milk replacer or whole milk (3-5 g/per calf/per day) or added to the fodder in the amount of 1-2 kg per 1 ton of fodder.