KETOMIX E18 Energetic Concentrates

ketomix e-18

Granulated energy concentrate for highly-productive dairy cows which prevents ketosis.


• Metabolic energy: 18.3 MJ/kg
• Net lactation energy: 14.08 MJ/kg
• Total protein: 13.0%
• Digestible protein: 11.1%
• Raw fiber: 7.0%.

Ketomix E-18 is a source of easily accessible energy used in the intestines. Energy concentration in Ketomix E-18 is 18.3 MJ per 1 kg. This is the highest energy concentration per 1 kg amongst all energy formulae available on the market. KETOMIX is called the “energy bomb” and is used in the best breeding centres throughout the country, for the best cows in Poland. 

KETOMIX E-18 prevents and treats ketosis, protects the liver through supplying additional components, which are used in biochemical processes in the liver. KETOMIX E-18 supplements energy deficiencies, facilitates better use of protein in feed and enables higher milk production. Adequate composition of this mix facilitates a shift of metabolism of highly-productive cows from a dry-off state to intensive milk production. Addition of protected fats, which is digested in the intestines, helps to avoid problems with fermentation balance in the rumen, frequently occurring during the lactation period.

1. It is recommended to use Ketomix E-18 in the perinatal period (pre-calving period) for 6 weeks with a balanced food dose as an “Extra” additive. Feeding should start 2 weeks before calving and continue during the 4 weeks after calving. Ketomix administration in the perinatal period: 0.8 kg – 1.0 kg/ per cow/ per day.
2. Ketomix E-18 can be used to balance protein roughage and balance fodder during the grazing period.

Dosing throughout the year: Depending on other fodders fed, a dose is related to balance the components in a food dose.