KETOMIX Liquid energy concentrate

ketomix płynny

Liquid energy concentrate, preventing and treating ketosis in a clinical and subclinical conditions.

Propylene glycol,molasses, sugar alcohols, Sodium propionate.
Metabolic energy: 13.3 MJ/kg
Net lactation energy: 10.5 MJ/kg

Depending on a type of roughage, administering technique, size of the herd, the energy concentrate can be administered as a bulk or liquid concentrate. Liquid form is particularly recommended for clinical and subclinical ketosis. Ketomix is a source of energy components of high quality, the most important of which are propylene glycol and molasses. Known in Poland for over 15 years, it is widely used and recognised by the best breeders.
However, it also is a very good solution for many smaller farms due to its efficiency in ketosis prophylactic and treatment. KETOMIX is easy to use and administer. Poured over the fodder or mixed with KETOMIX is eagerly eaten by animals; the fodder’s taste and intake clearly increase. In order to provide proper recuperation of the cow after calving high quality Turbo Drink should be fed, in order “to get the cow back on its feet”.