Tests in farms

Polmass Milk Power – test in farm

Recent years’ research results provide increasingly ‘harder’ evidence that the effects of calf rearing have a very large impact on the economy of milk production. Healthy and well-growing calves are producing more milk when they become a cow, which translates into higher profit of farms.

The quality of the milk replacer given to them is indisputably very important for the calf rearing effects. The best CMR that calves, the youngest ones in particular, can be offered contains only milk proteins. Their high digestibility in the calf’s gastrointestinal tract guarantees the effective use of fodder, satisfactory body mass growths and low susceptibility to diseases. The digestibility of nutrients is particularly important when the calves are intensively fed with liquid feed, in order to optimally use their growth potential and use value. Any imperfection of milk replacer, which will be fed to calves in an intensive feeding system, easily leads to more diarrhea, and as a consequence – worse rearing effects.

Polmass came up with Polmass Milk New Power in order to meet expectations of the most demanding group of milk producers. It contains only milk protein derived from the highest quality whey proteins and skimmed milk powder. The technology of spray drying of fat and homogenization with the use of patented technological processes further improves the digestibility of nutrients and solubility of the preparation. Additionally, the complex of feed additives IMUPRO® present in Polmass Milk New Power prevents calf digestive system diseases and stimulates its development.

The effects of using Polmass Milk New Power were verified in field tests. Twenty Holstein-Friesian calves aged 6 (± 1) days were fed with Polmass Milk New Power for 60 days. On average, in the first 17 days of the test, calves were kept in individual booths and fed with a milk replacer from a bucket with feeding teat, after which they were transferred to a group pen with an automatic feeding station. The animals received 1200 g of Polmass Milk New Power powder daily administered in 8 liters of solution. In addition, the calves were offered  starter feed ad libitum.

In the first 30 days of feeding with Polmass Milk New Power calves grew over 500 g / day and over 800 g / day in the entire 60-day follow-up period. Obtained test results confirm the high effectiveness of using Polmass Milk New Power in calf rearing.

Supervision over the course of the test on Polmass Milk New Power by

Paweł Górka, PhD

Department of Animal Nutrition and Dietetics

University of Agriculture in Cracow, Poland