polmass milk red full

Special labor saving top-quality, high fat and milk protein formula. It has been formulated to support higher growth rates of the future heifers designated for the most demanding breeders.

Polmass Milk Red Full – milk replacer with a special instant formula containing only milk derived components.
Polmass Milk Red Full contains only milk derived components and the best-possible digestible crude fats such: as coconut oil and palm oil. It is a simple and easy dissolving formula – which saves time, and is perfect for any type of calf rearing system. Polmass Milk Red Full contains 15% of the skimmed milk powder. The Imupro® complex is designed to stimulate resistance to diarrhea and favorably influence the development and health of the young organism. Polmass Milk Red Full provides excellent results for breeders and when rearing calves where the weight gains in calves are higher than with the use of the whole milk.

all milk protein 21%
crude fat 18%
crude fiber 0.0%