Excellent milk formula for starting and raising heifers. It’s a high energy, soluble and digestible formula provides maximum performance under all conditions for cost effective rearing. Young calves diets begin with milk replacer and should provide proper ingredients in order to replace cow`s milk from the 5th or 6th day of a calf’s age. Polmass Milk Orange is enriched with a unique solution IMUPRO®, which improves calf’s immunity and prevents diarrhea. IMUPRO® features synergic action of several elements such as: immunoglobulines, lactic bacteria and other precisely chosen ingredients. 
Simply the best choice to help achieve your calves’ full potential, helps set your calves up for optimal health and growth and efficient lifetime productivity designed for economic rearing.
• Based on the highest quality of the milk raw materials, including lactose, coconut and palm oils and well as valuable blend of vitamins and minerals.
• Featuring only the best quality milk proteins
• Includes fully homogenized and emulsified combination of palm and coconut oil
• Contains IMUPRO – a blend of natural antibodies (incl. immunoglobulins), desirable probiotics along with anti-diarrheal protectors and gut health promoting agents to aid digestion and healthy growth
• Promotes optimum growth rate 650-700 g/day
• Approximately 80% of dairy raw materials, provides protein and energy relationship, as well as a complete set of minerals and vitamins.


all milk protein  21%
crude fat 18%
crude fiber 0.1%