polmass primopasza

Micro-granular pre-starter stimulating the development of the fore-stomachs. Primopasza is TMR choice which stimulates early and proper development of forestomachs in young calf form the 3rd day of their life.

Provides a rich, completely blended feed of plant components, a high concentration of protein, energy, minerals and vitamins and is low in fiber The job of a high quality calf starter Primopasza is to transition a calf from a liquid diet to dry feed at weaning while maintaining the growth and health of the animal Amino acids are needed for proper tissue growth. Carbohydrates are needed to provide energy for growth and proper development of the animal’s rumen. Minerals and vitamins are needed to keep the bones strong and keep

the animal healthy.
• Years of research have gone into every bag of Primopasza Calf Starter to get your calves through weaning and on their way to becoming a productive animal in the herd.
• reduces the period of drinking milk replacer – shortening the weaning process
• decreases the cost of rearing with milk replacer formula
• PRIMOPASZA is designed to be fed from 3rd day of calf’s life,
• should be administered at will, in small quantities and prepared fresh daily,
• Polmass recommends to use feeders with the relevant teats to feed a constant fodder such as PRIMOPASZA, 

Once the calf consumes 1.5-2.0 kg PRIMOPASZA a day we can wean the calf off the milk replacer.

all milk protein 21%