Probiotic pastes

Lactiferm Fe
Lactiferm Vit

Probiotic pastes is intended for use in young calves and piglets in order to stabilize the appropriate intestinal microflora.

• Polmass probiotic pastes designed to feed and increase the microbial population whereas microbial bacteria or Probiotics are used to repopulate the intestine or stomach it simply helps feed the bacteria

• This product is designed to feed the ruminant animal and piglets intestinal bacteria as well as supply additional microbial bacteria to sick or low energy level animals
• The combination of vitamins A, D3,E and probiotic boosts the formation of the immune system and strengthens the young calf’s body
• Contains live, capable of developing a strains of lactic acid bacteria Enterococcus faecium at high concentration level. In one application dose there is at least 6.7 x 1011 CFU of live lactic acid bacteria cultures.
• As long as the proper balance of beneficial microflora to non-beneficial or pathogenic microflora exists, the intestinal tract functions essentially as it should. If this balance is upset and the beneficial microflora is reduced or loses its competitive edge, predisposition to various diseases can occur as well as reduced feed efficiency
• Microbial bacteria supplementation is especially useful under high stress conditions. It is well known that stress reduces the number of beneficial intestinal microflora (bacteria) and upsets the balance between beneficial and non-beneficial or pathogenic microflora (bacteria).