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Mineral and vitamin solutions for cattle – Vitamix

Polmass Vitamix provides key nutrients necessary to provide optimum milk production and herd’s health.


Some of the best things in life come in small packages, and this holds true when it comes to vitamin and mineral fortification in the cattle’s diet. Although vitamins and minerals only comprise a small amount of the daily dietary intake, the proper balance and bioavailability of these nutrients are critical in maintaining herd’s health, reproductive efficiency, and milk production. Essential minerals and vitamins cannot be synthesized in the animal’s body and must be incorporated into the ration and/or made available as a free-choice supplement.

Several varying factors, including dry matter intake fluctuation, feedstuff quality variations, mycotoxins, environmental stress, and water quality issues, can have significant effects on mineral interaction and availability, often triggering mineral imbalances. Polmass Vitamix Nutrition Program  can meet your specific herd needs through a diverse portfolio of mineral and vitamin products formulated to compliment any forage and commodity base. By providing highly bioavailable sources of macro and trace minerals, in the proper balance with optimal vitamin levels, these compositions can enhance herd’s performance and health and most importantly farmer’s income.

Every Polmass Vitamix features buffering agents as well as molasses. These products are manufactured under stringent quality assurance standards  in accordance with ISO 22000:2006 and HACCP within manufacturing facilities certified to produce Feed.

Polmass Animal Feed Manufacturing Plant features fully computerized production line providing basics for the highest quality manufacturing practise. Added value consists of the long standing experience of our nutrition advisers and husbandry technicians, gained in cooperation with the Pedigree Breeding Establishments as well as Breeding Centres for cattle breeding and rearing in Poland which enables us to develop customised and quality Vitamix for your cattle in sight of the nutrition demands of your farm.

Vitamix wide variety in our portfolio is separated into the groups below:

Extra Line                                                                         – KW Extra Carrot, KW Extra, KW Rozrodowy
Line designed for Dairy Cows with high milk yield                 – KW –Somatic, KW Lacto, KW TMR, KW, KW – B-Carotene
Dairy Cows’ Line                                                                – KM, KM TMR, KM-P
Dry Cows’ Line                                                                   – KZ-I, KZ-II, KZ Cholina
Vitamix for Heifers
Vitamix for Calves
Vitamix O (fattening)
Vitamix Mineral Blend (MM)

Energetic concentrates

Fodder additives of POLMASS SA to balance the energy deficiencies. During the postnatal period, and in last few days before calving, highly-productive cows are not able to uptake an amount of energy from feed to cover their energy demand required for milk production. It affects 80% of cows, particularly these of high productivity potential. Some cows’ fodder intake can be even 30% less than in the middle of lactation period. This leads to disproportions between the body’s nutritional demand and the availability of nutrients delivered from the feed. As a result negative energy balance causes weight loss and weakens cow’s condition and can lead to ovulation problems as well as impair fertility. So-called “silent oestruses” occurs making efficient insemination difficult and prolongs the calving interval. Energy deficiency leads to metabolic diseases, including ketosis and fatty liver. Leaving energy deficiency untreated leads to significant economic losses. The daily milk yield and cow’s profitability throughout the lactation period decreases. If at the lactation’s peak (50 – 60 days after calving) milk production is approximately lower by 1 kg, efficiency for whole lactation falls by 200 to 225 kg. Polmass variety of options for increasing energy concentration in a food dose.

Energetic concentrates in our portfolio is separated into the groups below:

Energetic concentrates – ketosis prevention
Turbo drink – after-calving supplement