Thank you for visiting our stand during EuroTier 2018 in Hanover

Ladies and gentlemen!

The next edition of EUROTIER 2018 is a history. We would like to thank you for visiting our stand in Hanover on November 13-16, 2018.

In addition to the well-known and appreciated products, we presented the product and technological innovations of Polmass S.A. implemented especially in the interest of continuous improvement of the quality and competitiveness of our products. We also had the pleasure of announcing to you that we have started a series of experiments on new compositions of milk replacer formulas.

Observations begin at HZZ Żołędnicy and HZZ Osowa Sień. They include tests on health-promoting additives in milk replacers and their effectiveness. Probiotics will be tested in their synergistic effect and other additives, including nucleotides. We are grateful for your active participation in conversations and valuable suggestions. Thank you for direct meetings and interesting conversations during which we discussed  new trends in calf rearing, profitability of milk production, this year’s silage season and what’s new in the coming year.

We hope that in the future our cooperation will be at least equally fruitful. We will be pleased to welcome you at our booth during the next edition of the fair, which will take place on 17-20.11.2020. See you in two years !