turbo drink

Supplement for calved dairy cows to help regain strength and regenerate energy.

TURBO Drink is a unique energy supplement for calved cows to recover health.

Turbo Drink is automatically digested, it provides a high dose of energy, calcium and vitamins.


This product contains highly digestible food ingredients that guarantee elimination of energetic and mineral deficiency and fast recuperation after calving:

  • propylene glycol and dextrose are an energy bomb
  • energy enriched monocalcium phosphate targets postpartum complications
  • acid sodium carbonate and sodium propionate improve cow`s appetite after calving
  • yeast cultures and linseed stimulate the rumen.


  • lower risk of postpartum complications and placental retention
  • lower risk of abomasum displacement
  • supplements mineral and vitamin deficiencies after calving
  • boosts cow`s appetite after calving
  • reduces susceptibility to stress
  • quickly recuperates the dairy cow after calving.


One packet (1000g) should be dissolved in 10-20 liters of warm water (temperature around 38°C) and given at once after calving. It can be administered via a probe, when the cow is unwilling to drink the solution. For dairy cows with poor health it can be given for another 2-3 days.