polmass vitamix

Mineral and vitamin blend for calves.

Young animals’ demand for vitamins and minerals is higher than their availability in roughage. In the first period of their life this demand is fully covered by a milk replacer. Red Line, Orange Line, Blue Line and Brown Line of milk replacers offer 2 to 3 times higher mineral and vitamin levels than naturally present in cow’s milk. Provides two sources of calcium, a large amount of vitamin D3 and hosphorus supporting bone and muscle development. Levels of vitamins (vitamin C 1000 mg, E – 1500 mg) and macro – and micronutrients stimulate immunity. The high content of zinc -9500 mg prevents claw and skin diseases. B vitamins provide good metabolism and energy and influence the development of the digestive system of the young animal. Once feeding with a milk replacer comes to an end, providing optimal vitamin and minerals level for the calf is essential. It is recommended:
• Administer Vitamix C Calves in the amount of 50-150 g per animal (It can be mixed with the fodder or given separately)
• Feed with Primopasza prestarter, which is similarly to milk replacers, provides vitamins and minerals. In this case adding VITAMIX C Calves is not required. (Once feeding with Primopasza is over, then adding VITAMIX C Calves to the fodder should be started)
• Stimulates strength and vitality
• Optimal daily gains
• Proper rumen development