polmass vitamix

VITAMIX J Mineral and vitamin blend foe heifer older than one year.

Mineral and vitamin blend foe heifer older than one year.

It is a blend of minerals and vitamins suitable for breeding heifers older than one year.

Contains two sources of calcium, a large amount of vitamin D3 and phosphorus affecting bone and muscle development  . It contains a full set of vitamins, macro – and micronutrients that stimulate immunity. The addition of vitamin E in the amount of 3000 mg significantly affects the insemination and improves the breeding parameters. High content of zinc – 9 500 mg prevents cloven hooves diseases. High levels of B vitamins for good metabolism and energy contributes to the development of heifers’ digestive system.

  • Proper growth and development of heifers in the second year of life
  • Improving the effectiveness of insemination (age 14-15 months)
  • Stimulates the development of rumen