polmass vitamix

A blend of vitamins and minerals for lactating cows with high milk yield improving breeding parameters.

Vitamix is characterized by a very high levels of digestible phosphorus and magnesium together with vitamins A, D3, E, and selenium delivered in an organic form significantly boosts cow’s immune ystem. Additional recommended levels of niacin and biotin are improving liver function. Biotin together with easily-assimilated forms of organic zinc, copper and manganese complex (bioplex) improves the condition of epithelial cells layer in milk ducts, as well as the health of the udder reducing the number of somatic cells cups in milk. Significantly affects the hardness of horn tissue of the first-calf cows. Addition of beta-carotene in the recommended amounts of (1,000 mg) significantly improves the rate of breeding and heat manifestation. It contains live yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) that prevents ruminal acidosis through improved feed intake and balanced pH levels in the rumen. The whole composition KW Extra stabilizes milk yield at the maximum level and improves the longevity of cows.
• stabilizes milk yield on a high level
• stimulates feed intake
• increases the effectiveness of breeding and manifestation of heat
• shortens the period in between calving intervals
• reduces the occurrence of postpartum ketoses
• Improves longevity of heifers.