polmass vitamix

Designed for cows during the lactation period.

Proper balance of macro and micronutrients and vitamins in the KW-lacto fully meet the needs of high dairy herds. Long-term use of this Vitamix, while maintaining the principles of hygiene of milking, can decrease the number of somatic cells in milk and improve the health status of the udder. Chelate of Biotin and easily digestive organic zinc influence the claws health, help in the healing process when dealing with lameness which is one of the most significant welfare and productivity issues. Improves the epithelial cells layer in teat canal. These compounds also have a beneficial impact on the hoof horn. Selenium and Vitamin E content improves the herd’s immunity and account for rumen’s fermentation, optimizes the cow’s fertility and enables timely insemination.

• optimum level of forage intake accounting for balanced nourishment of the cow
• reduced number of somatic cells cups
• healthy claws
• fewer cases of lameness
• increases fertility parameters