VITAMIX KW Fertility

polmass vitamix

The ideal solution for the post-calving period to improve breeding parameters. 

Vitamix is the ideal solution for a post-calving period. High levels of vitamin A,D3,E (6000 mg) and the recommended dose of beta-carotene(2000 mg) with the addition of organic selenium strengthens oestrus and improves the efficiency of breeding. The addition of high doses of niacin and biotin improves the health status of the liver which is responsible for the hormonal reproductive system. Organic forms of zinc, copper and
manganese used in this blend will also affect the genital tract and improve the condition of the udder and cloven hooves. Dedicated for cows up
to 100th day of lactation.
• improving the rate of the first artificial insemination
• reducing the incidence of resorption, and foetus deformations
• shortening the period between calvings
• improving the health of calves
• reducing the risk of ketosis after calving.