polmass vitamix

A blend of vitamins and minerals reducing the somatic cells cup number in milk.

KW Somatic is a blend of minerals and vitamins for lactating cows that fully covers the demand of highly-productive dairy cows’ herd together with proper hygiene of milking, helps to reduce the number of somatic cells cup count in milk and improves the udder’s health. Optimum levels of vitamin E and selenium stimulate the immunological system, regulate reproductive functions and facilitate timely insemination of cows. Biotin together with easily-assimilated forms of organic zinc, copper and manganese complex (bioplex) improves the condition of epithelial cells layer in milk ducts, improves the udder’s health. Long-term use of this additive reduces the occurrence of lameness in the herd.
• healthy herd
• fewer cases of mastitis
• decreased count of somatic cells in milk