polmass vitamix

 VITAMIX KW TMR Designed for dairy cows with high milk yield fed with maize silage or other calcium deficient fodder.

VITAMIX KW-TMR contains biotin together with easily-assimilated forms of organic zinc, copper and manganese complex (bioplex) improves the
condition of epithelial cells layer in milk ducts, improves the udder’s health. Different from VITAMIX Somatic Vitamix KW-optimal level of Calcium:
Phosphorous ratio (3:1) provides balance of the necessary supplements in the maize silage and other calcium-deficient fodder. Contains a buffering
agent (acidic sodium carbonate) which is guarantee optimal level of the pH in the rumen.
• mineral mixture best for balancing fodder containing high amounts of maize
• accounts for better fodder intake
• ensures good performance during the lactation period