VITAMIX KZ I (first stage of the dry period)

polmass vitamix

Formulated to provide the necessary supplemental vitamins and trace minerals during the first stage of the dry period.

Special mineral and vitamin mix for an actual dry-off period (8 – 4 weeks before calving) Specialized blend of mineral- vitamin for proper dry period (8-4 week before calving). Composition of the VITAMIX is intended for cows that are not fed with balanced feed or receive a very small amount of fodder during the 8-4 weeks period before calving. Levels and ratios of macro- and microelements together with vitamins are designed to cover the demand of a heifer and a developing calf foetus as well as to prepare the cow for the next lactation.
VITAMIX KZ-I reduces the risk of hypocalcaemia and post-calvingl paralysis. Balanced level of Calcium stimulates secretion of parathormone responsible for better assimilation of Ca in the astrointestinal tract. Due to its low sodium content VITAMIX KZ-I is beneficial to the udders’ condition after calving. Improves the smooth muscle’s condition in the uterus – as Calcium is the most important mineral in the colostrum and milk synthesis process.
• provides optimal proportions of Ca,  P
• based on sulphates allows to easily assimilate the Mg preventing from the Mg deficiency
• contains high levels of vitamins A, D3, E, responsible for boosting the immune system
• Stimulates the production of high quality colostrum.