VITAMIX KZ II (second stage of the dry period)

polmass vitamix

A blend of minerals and vitamins designated for last 3 weeks of the cow’s pregnancy (transition period).

Increased amount of anion salts (sulphates and chlorides) and lower amount of sodium together with higher calcium and magnesium concentration levels help to maintain proper level of Ca in the cow’s blood, preventing after calving paralysis (milk fever) and many other metabolic diseases. Increased content of vitamin E and selenium helps cows to deal with calving-related stress more easily, revents mastitis (together with low Na content and increased Mg levels). Stimulates the production of high quality colostrums improving the new born calves’ health.
• has an optimal balance of cation – anion salt for the dry period
• regulates mineral balance before calving
• prevents from magnesium deficiency
• contains high levels of vitamins A, D3, E, responsible for the stimulation the immune system