VITAMIX KM-TMR (Total Mixed Ration)

polmass vitamix

Designed for dairy cow’s mostly fed with maize silage and other Total Mixed Ration Systems.


VITAMIX KM – TMR contains high Calcium : Phosphorous ratio optimally balancing mineral and vitamin additive for calcium-poor food doses when in the farm’s TMR system the basic roughage is maize silage, wherein the content of microelements is low. The proposed Vitamix perfectly supplements occurring deficiencies.

VITAMIX KM-TMR irrespective of the fodder’s composition the blend is a perfect match, enriching the feed dose with active substances. Provides diverse and balanced mixture of supplements when added to cow’s food which is a pre-condition for good animal health
• vitamin and mineral blend suitable for balancing rations with large amounts of maize silage
• high palatability
• promotes longevity of cow’s.